Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rody X Maruko-chan X Family Mart

Rody is back at Family Mart and this time around, with Maruko aboard for the ride!!
And in keeping with the International theme as last Rody Premium Program,
Family Mart has the twosome cuties traveling to 12 different countries...  
This Special Premium Program runs through October 8th of this year..  And the way to get your stickers is to buy any 2 cold beverages Family Mart sells for 1 sticker...  5 stickers plus NT$49 can redeem for one of these cuties...  So, not only do you quench your Summer thirst, you get to collect some cute Vinyl toys too!!!
The two acquired so far, Italy and Thailand!

Each one comes framed in the specific country's colors it represents..  Just too cute and can they can hang Perfectly  as ornaments for one's bag and yes, the Upcoming XMas season!

Taiwan just got added today!!!
 Aug 22nd, 2013

In Time with the Storm!

The arrival of Stormtrooper Kaws, that is...  With Darth Vader, too!!!
Yes, two more additions to the Kaws Family...  Medicom Toys' KAWS X Star Wars in the guise of Stormtrooper and Dart Vader.
My KAWS Family now!!!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Joe Kaws!!

Snoopy X KAWS in da house!!!
Another new addition to the ever - slowly but surely
- growing KAWS collection is this Joe KAWS Snoopy.... 
and am sure you too would agree that he is not your average Beagle - he is Joe Cool KAWS!!!

Friday... Am In Love!

International Love Heart Set - Finally!!!
Yes... after years of looking high and low....  begging peeps for help....  and watching Auction sites...  this AWESOME SET is FINALLY MINE!!!   and Good things must really come to those who wait as the previous owner in JAPAN kept this really nice and mint - box as well...  and with the help of Hot Dog Toyz, I got it at a fairly decent price..... 
What used to be Number one on my Be@rbrick Wish List - it is no more.... 
and with this, am SATISFIED - for now!!!!