Monday, May 23, 2016


UniQlo's newest collaboration release is heaven sent to KAWS collectors worldwide.  And boy did they sell out fast!!!
There were quite a few designs to select ftom, that is if youvwere able to get them the first day of release. Sadly, i was abroad that day snd bybthe tine i was able to go, the 2nd day of release, most  of the designs I wanted have Sold Out in my size.

The  three designs pictured are the only ones I was anle to get for myself.  Here's hoping I will luck into a few more one of these days.A
NOTE: the Medicom Toys KAWS figures did not come with the tees..  They are from my personal collection.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Randome Bearbrick Shots

Had another Fun Week doing the 10 day , Theme a day - at the FB group Bearbrick Lives.  Sharing my 10 photos:
1: Black BB
2. mothrr's Day
3. Nature
Little Kuma lost in the garden.
4. Brand Crossover
70% Fred Perry BBs with me shoes
5. Freestyle
Rillakuma Break
6. Fave Thing with one BB
PIZZA - enough said!!!
7. Music
8. Where I Live
My Fave place to run!!!
9. Table Games
10. 4 X Bearbricks
Dynamic Duo Fights crime!

Friday, May 20, 2016

A Peach of a find!!!

Breakfast is served. 😋😋😋
Peachy Morning to you all!!!😃😃😃
Ran into this little cutie this week... Had to bring it home, Of course!!!  Just too cute!!!
Back and Front Views of this Peach Jon Anniversary issue.
And then there are Three!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Gremlins X Muevil

Gremlins is Love!!!
The newest addition to the Gremlins brood released recently as a collaboration with Muveil: GIZMO!!!  This one os quite a cutie!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Random Bearbrick Shots

"Jellybeans On Parade."

Having a lot if fun in the new Facebook group I had been invited to join; Bearbrick Lives...  The focus is not to buy n sell, or boasts about one's collection, but to share the love for  Bearbrick through Photography!

"Beam Us Up, Scotty!"

Last couple of weeks had been fun with contests and homework - just my kind of thing!!!  Sharing a few of my new shots for the group.
"Treats For All!!!"
"Waiting for The Man of Steel"

Friday, April 15, 2016

Porter 400% X 3

Awesome Threesom, and a Bell Hop, too!!!  
The latest 400% release Porter in the house!!!
Loving this cool design!!
The back is just as cool!!!

No Self Control, Indeed!!!

All the time i tell myself, must have better control...  Must stop all the inpulse buying...  Pick and choose...  Etc, etc, etc...

Well, it does not seem to work as each time I stop by my FAVE toy shop for whatever reason, I go home with much much more...  Such is the case earlier this week...  But take a look...  You will agree  - am sure.
Perfect Timing: was even able to 
get this very limited little guy...