Friday, August 26, 2016

Series 32

Finally got to pick up my box of 24 the ither night..  Of course, I tore into it right away...  Anticipating for a Harley Quinn each and every box I opened...  Luckily by the 15th box, I got one of her!!!  This made the night, of course.... Everything else was a plus ...  
My must have for Series 32: Secret Harley Quinn!!!
From the regular line - still need a couple to complete the line up!
The 4 secrets I was lucky to get...  Wish I lucked into the cat but, oh well, will try to trade for it.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Fun Friday All!!!

Juju and I are totally loving this Harley Quinn by Mattel - she is one of the 6 characters released so far.  Initially I only got the SuperHeroines and not the Villains...  But after seeing Suicide Squad, am now a Harley Quinn fanatic!!!  Now we gotta see the Animation DVD where this version came from....
The Total Look!
What a Cutie!!!
Where's Puddin'?


I really should stop cruising the net...  I get myself into trouble each time...  Always something new and something cute to want - no matter how many times I say I do not want to add anything else to my collection...  Such is the case with these Brand new Astrological Molly cuties by Kennyswork.....Aaaah the collecting life...
Just one look at this Gemini Twin Set and I knew I had to get a case box to ensure getting them!!!

The whole Line Up...  Aquarius being the SECRET Special!

Catching Up...

Not just with photographing and blogging but also with picking up and opening up my goods...  Two months of traveling sent me back big time..,  

Slowly but surely, am getting back on track...  Lots to unbox...  Soooo excited for my box of Series 32...  Finally!!!  Wish me luck😃😃😃

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

ByeBye June!!!

A few June Brides bid June Goodbye!!!
Another month closing - half of the year gone by too fast... Hope everyone is having a good 2016 so far...  

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Hopping Along....

Trying yo catch up with the R@bbricks before all the 2016 releases comes out (and there are soooo many of them!😱😱😱) ...  Still missing a couple more 100% ones the black and the white ones...  Not sure if I will ever get them now as the prices are just too outrageous!!!  Anyway am happy with what I do have..  
Finally hot these 3!!!!
2016 Happy Easter Specials - just love their colors!!!!
From the 2016 Valentine Edition.
50% Mini Cooper Exclusive

Friday, June 24, 2016


Here's to a Fun Friday for us all!!!
"My kind of treats!!!"
The Green Goblin gobbles up some of his most fave treat - chocolate covered sweetened grapes!!!