Thursday, April 10, 2014

Happy National Siblings Day!!!

Welcome Home, Sis!!!
Not sure what that is anout, nor who started it..  But LunaRosa arrived on the 10th of April, so it is Perfect excuse to Celebrate this Holiday!!! 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Great Week Ahead All!!!

Julius : "Rainy Days N Mondays always get me....  Naaaaah...  All the same to me..  Will still make it a beautiful day!"

Be@rbrick X Lisa Larsen X Sync Shop

Made exclusively for the sync shop in JAPAN, these couple of cuties are based on Popular Swedish ceramic designer/Artist Lisa Larsen.
Truly an ingenious collaboration in my opinion as Lisa Larsen is well known and loved for her humorous designs and characters - just like the Lion and Striped Cat used for these two releases.  I can only hope there will be more to come.

Monday, March 31, 2014

April Fool's Day!!!

Robin: "Holy Nightmare, Batman!!! Who is who???"

Batman: "Happy April Fool's Day, Boy Wonder!!!"


Friday, March 28, 2014

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Yep..  Today's entry feels just like that...
as the new addition to the collections have Cartoon Tie Ins!
Homer Simpson and Bart Simpson
Release Date: March 2014
Bart and Homer Simpson gets Bearbrick treatments..  
One can only wish for the rest of the family to follow suit!!!
Bart N Homer shares a coffee Addiction!!!

And then there's Paul Frank's Julius monkey
donning Caped Crusader Suit as Super Hero Julius!!!
Super Hero Julius Ready to save the day...
...and night, too!!!

And let's not forget a Robin fix, too!!!   All the way from the Bay Area:
a couple of Comics and a 1/6 scale Chris O'Donnell as Robin Doll!!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

BBs in Nagoya... Not!

Just got back from a wonderful week in Japan..  Was in the Nagoya area and some of the beautiful little towns close by...  

Was in search of Be@rbricks of course... But to no luck at all..  I mean, I looked around so many shops..  Department stores and all...  Saw some of the clothing shops that produced BBs, but none to buy at all!!  Waaaaaaah...

Am just Thankful I brought along a few for some Photo Fun!!!
Tasty Treat in Gujo!

With the Emperor and Empress

"A bit more side dish for me!"

Settling in the Shirakawa Ryokan!
Loving the Snow Fall in Takayama!!!
Tasty Breakfast in Nagoya!