Tuesday, October 21, 2014

31 Days of Halloween Catch Up

The recent Okinawa Trip set me back with my daily postings..  
So here's my catch up post for the project.


Day 15: Stay Real's Year of the Snake Special Issue.

Day 16: The other Angelina Jolie Maleficent doll!  Such likeness!!!

Jigsaw from Bearbrick's Horror Series is our Day 17 entry!

Day 18 brings us BrainChild to battle all the Aliens and Ghouls!!

Day 19: From one of Bearbrick's Annual Halloween Release!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Into The Woods

Day 14 - "31 Days of Halloween"
For today's entry, we have the cute twosome of Nikki and Odeco-chan playing out in the woods reenacting Little Red Riding Hood.

This version of Nikki and Odeco-chan came out earlier this year.  
And just perfect for Halloween!!!  

Nikki and Odeco-chan are designed and produced by Petworks - Japan.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Los Muertos

The Muertos from 2013 stars in Day 13 of our "31 Days of Halloween".  The white Murtos are the Hoor entry of Series 26 - loved them so much, I had to get more than 1...  I got 7 of them!!!
This was a total treat for me..,  a Muerta to go with the Seven white ones.  
She was The annual Halloween Bearbrick for the same year, 2013.

2 More ChoroQ

Oh Yeah!!!  Come across 2 more of these awesome Takara and  Medicom collaboration - ChoroQ Bearbricks!!!
Stars & Stripes. Red, White & Blue for this version...  Very nice mini version of the US One from the Flag Series!

Love the color combo in this ChoroQ & Bearbrick collab more.  This was was also in collaboration with BEAMS shop in Japan.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mr Cloudy Gets Ready For Fall!!!

Mr Cloudy shows off his Fall style with this recently release version :"Cloudy Style"!  He is just too cool and perfect for the season's Fall Colors!!!  Picked him up at the Taipei Toys Festival 2014 - and even got him signed by the artist.  Am Happy!!!

Of course, he got to come out with me all day yesterday already...
- and I was able to take a few shots.

As he comes packaged.
And now there are Three!!!

Pumpkin Tofu

This little guy I have had for many years now...  
Am not really a Tofu vinyl collector - I think I only have about 6 in my collection
 - but now and again, I come across one I really like...  Like Him!!!

Good enough for a spotlight on the 12th Day of the "31 Days of Halloween" project.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Taipei Toy Festival 2014

Yesterday was a fun filled day attending the Annual Taipei toy Festival....  Not as big as the last few ones I have attended but just as wonderful and jam packed with so much Vinyl Goodies!!!  So crowded it was that it was mind boggling how to, not just navigate to where your faves are - but also quite hard to get close to see the goods once you have managed to find the booths of your choice.

Still, manage we did.....   and a Fun Time was had by all...  as always!!!
Some of the offerings on display that caght my attention!!!
Another FAVE and MUST TAKE HOME each and every visit to the Taipei Toy Festival: Fluffy House's denizens....  Their Diorama Displays for this year are quite cute....  Will make you feel the need to have your very own... Sorry Not For Sale!  Though the clothing are quite cute, too - had to Pass as they were a bit on the pricey side!!!
Just Us (Cecilia, Juliana, Sue and I) loving the STYA REAL display!!!
See More Photos By Clicking Here:
Pls Note: Am still adding more to this album.