Saturday, July 25, 2015

Life with Kenji N Auden : Episode 2

Auden: "Hey Bae.. What's Up?"
Kenji: "thanks for coming out, Hon.. Thought we'd go for a ride..."

Auden: "is that a new helmet?"

Kenji: "You like it?"
Auden: "Kawaii!!!"

Kenji: "btw Hon.. Got you something.."
Auden: "Really!!! What for???
Not my BDay... Not our Anniversary?"
Kenji: "just a little Thank You for the Tuxedo Sam bjd you recently gave me..."

Auden: "OMG!!! This is just too cool!!
Kenji: "So you like it?"

Auden: "are you kidding me? I LOVE IT!!!"
Kenji: *Smiles*������

Auden: "Thanks so much, Bae! I love you."
Kenji: "love you too, Hon!

Kenjie: "so let's take a Saturday ride.. You all set."
Auden: "all set and excited... Drive on... This is gonna be a fun weekend!!"
To Be Continued....

Fun Weekend Ahead All!!!

This time around, I did not miss this week's Happy Meal releases - Oh Yeah!!!!

minions are back!!!

3rd Week into the minions Premium program and am happy to say I got both from this week... 
 only the first day and am told they are just about all gone....  and I believe them as last week,
 I missed out on one as I was away for a few days... and did not think twice
 that they might be all gone right away.... 

Incidentally Minions Gift Shops are popping up all over the island!!!  And we are Loving It!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Series 30

Each series introduced, am as excited as the last one..  The feelings never change, the excitement never waned...  Always excited opening each and every box...  
and I do mean all, right down to the 24th Blind Box...  

The 24 I got from this Box of 24.

The Regulars:  Unlike in Series 29, this time around,
I was able to get all 11 Regular Ones from this Box of 24!!!  

And a couple of Secrets, too!!!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Great Weekend Ahead All!!!

Add Color to Your Life!!!

R&D Dolls' very own Susie with her fave Bearbricks!!!

From the newly released Series 30 Bearbrick Collection!!!  Artist Series : Both Regular and Secret Versions.

Friday, July 3, 2015

It's July!!!!

Hope everyone is having a great start to this new month...
 Enjoying the Summer Sunshine or Tropical Rain!!!
Of course there are lots of releases here and there - Toy manufacturers capitalizing one Summer tie ins - movies, comics, conventions, TV Shows, etc. Here's hoping you get the ones you are wishing for...
Everybody's fave - mine and Juju 
As well - the Minions are back!!!  This time with their own movie...  The Good News is that, McDonalds has tie in Premium toys once more!!!  10 of them to be exact.
The sad news is that they only release two each week...  Never a good thing for me, as for sure I will end up missing some due to my traveling schedules. I envy those in the Philippines as they were able to get all right away, it seems.

The first two that came out this week - the one on the left talks, while the right one has movable eyes!!!  Needless to say, they are already Sold Out!!! Wish us luck for the next ones...