Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Unicorno Series 4

Just need one more Unicorno from Series 4 and am all set...  Still, am already Lucky enough to have gotten Kingsley - one of the two harder to get from this Series 4.
#tokidoki #tokidokituesday #simonelegno 
Yuma : First one to enjoy a daybout and about in Taipei!

More to come!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Christmas 2015

So long November!!!!  Christmas 2015 season officially starts for me today!!!
Usually get these, Bearbrick Annual Christmas Editions, very close to Christmas or even after - this year though, I got them really early!!!  Oh Yeah!!!
Santa Bear

Annual Christmas Tree
This year's Bearbrick tree all lit up!!!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Late Halloween Post . Part 2

A few items I was able to get for this year's Halloween but did not get around to posting.
Bearbrick Halloween Series 2015 X 2

Sonny Angel Halloween Series 2015

Regular Ones!
2 Special Glow in the Dark ones with their regular counterparts.

Halloween 2015

This is a bit late - sorry...  But still wanted to share some of my shots for this year's Halloween Season!


Hope everyone had a nice and safe celebration!!!
And one for the Day of the Dead, too!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Look who finally popped up in my neighborhood!!!

Why it's R@bbrick Chrome, that's who..  And I could not be any happier...

These guys are hard to come by here in Taiwan..  Long wait but it is worth all the waiting..  Just too cute...  I hope to get at least one more..  If possible the future release Blue Chrome one... 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Summer's Last Hurrah . Part 2

Just got around to deboxing these lil 'cuties - the rest of Disney's Summer Vacation Series.  Made and Sold Exclusively at Disneyland Tokyo, Japan.

Love the new cute designs...  A total of 18 in this collection.

This pair - Woody N Jessie - in their Hawaiian get up, got yo go out right away!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Summer's Last Hurrah!!!

I'm Yes it is now September... School have resumed which means Summer 2015 is officially over..  But wait, these little guys are sure to bring back that Fun Summer feelings once more!!!

Of course they had to come out right away!!!

Bearbrick X Disney Pixar "Summer Vacation" Collection.  Sold exclusively in Japan,
 for the Disneyland Resort in Tokyo.

The Special Box of 5 from Disney Pixar's latest hit: "Inside Out"!
A little fun with them last Monday...
...fun with an added Positivity Vibe, of course!!!!