Monday, September 22, 2014

Sonny Angel Celebrates 10th Anniversary!!!

For Sonny Angel's 10th Anniversary, the company issued these cool set as the third entry to their Artist Collection Series!!

Collection growing...  Now 6!!!

Along with the above set a 10th Anniversary retrospective book also was issued...   much to my delight, of course!  This Sonny Angel book is truly a blessing and a curse - Blessing as it helps educate me and identify the ones I see here and there....  a Curse, as with the book, I was able to learn and see more past issues that I would love to acquire....   Oh Well, On with the Hunt!!!

Btw, the book came with a 100% "Kiss Mark Leopard" Bunny as an Anniversary Gift!!!

Kewpie X Disney

Now and again, I come across something sooooo cute O could not just look and admire.. I Must Take Home!!!  And this little guy is one of those times!!!
Kewpie dressed as the Genie from Aladdin - much too cute!!!  Not really sure when they came out but am told a few years back..  First time for me to see it...  And my re awakened love for Kewpie makes me a bit more aware of them in my travels.
The three volumes of Kewpies dressed as various much loved Disney characters.  One day, i hope to come across a few more!!!