Monday, May 14, 2012

Porter at your Service...

YES!!!!  One of my Holy Grail Wishes Have Come TRUE - 400% Porter Be@rbrick is in the House!!!  You would think that the excitement would have dwindled down a bit over this guy as I have seen him in person here and there....  just never for sale....   But I could not even tell you how elated I still was, I still am, upon getting this guy....  opening up my box.....   and taking him out to photograph....  it was Pure Heaven!!!! 

As Always, Thanks For All your Help,  Sue!!!
400% Porter X Be@rbrick
Yoshida Company - Tokyo, Japan
Release Date: 2008 September
True to the Company's Color scheme - this All Black Figure
shows the small touches of orange color here and there...
mainly on the neck and the bottom of it's feet...
...and here (photo below) he stands with Porter's 10th Anniversary Figure - just as cute! :)

Happy Mother's Day

I know, I know it is a few days late already... but I did post this one on My365 on the actual day - Sunday, May 13th....   so you see am not late....  the reason for me posting this here now is Happiness.... on several levels:

-Happy that I was still able to find this Happy Mother's Day Be@rbrick that came out in 2010....   not without any effort, of course....   Went to my FAVE SHOP Monster Taipei, where I remembered seeing it last - but I was too late... they were SOLD OUT....   Luckily their sister shop, Monster Gear still had one last one and one of the employees was kind enough to let me know....  :)

-Happy that the photo I posted on My 365 HIT over 100 views and the most LIKEd I have ever gotten on any of my photos posted so far....   30 something plus....  Weeeeeiiiiiiii.....

-and last but not the least, Happy that all of this is in Honour of my Mom!!! 
"Really Love you, Mom!"

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My365 X Be@rbrick - April

Just Completed another month of My365....   The idea is to use nothing but Be@rbricks from my collection, of course - and not having to use the same Be@rbrick twice!   Though at times , it is hard to find the time to snap a few shots for each day's entry - as well, as the hardship in trying to make the shot interesting - I am still loving the whole experience of it all...  Challenging & Fun... 

Sharing a few of my PERSONAL FAVE SHOTS from this month...

Out Of Reach!

Add this to my Holy Grail of Designer Be@rbricks
Porter x Karimoku x Medicom Toy 400% Bearbrick

To help celebrate their founding company Yoshida & Co‘s 77th anniversary, Porter have teamed up with the Japanese Karimoku craftsmen and Medicom Bearbrick, for this cool 400% Bearbrick.  This one is  made from Padauk wood and have been produced in very limited numbers. This Special Edition has an October release date and carries a retail price of around $900USD - OOOOOOUVH!!!